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Influencer Marketing Trends in 2019

Influencer marketing has become famous because it has brought itself to a whole new domain of one-to-one connection and brand creativity, powered by an endless network of people, each with his/her own list of followers.

In other words, in 2019 you will see a new business trend in which you can only win an audience when you have the real hunger of pleasing customers instead of pushing products to them that they do not welcome.

Before I share some important influencer marketing trends for 2019, let me give you a brief introduction of what the influential marketing actually is.

What is Influencer Marketing?

Basically, influencer marketing is just like a hybrid – a combination – of new and old marketing tools; combining the idea of celebrity endorsement with the modern-day content-driven marketing campaigns. Influencer marketing is another name for the collaboration between brands and influencers.

Who are Influencers?

Unlike celebrities, influencers can be anyone, anywhere. Now the question is, what makes them influential?

Well, it is their large following on the web and social media who they influence, and thus, known as influencers.

An influencer could be a makeup enthusiast on Instagram, a fitness coach who tweets, or a marketing executive on LinkedIn.

Within every industry, there are influencers – you only NEED TO FIND THEM. You can easily recognize them by their thousands (if not millions) of followers, who you want to target as well.

Why Influencer Marketing Works?

Behind the success of influencer marketing, there is a psychological effect: people are more likely to get influenced by the people they love or admire. When you combine this fact with the qualities social media possess, a promotional message can be very effective.

Now, let’s have a look at what numbers say about this growing marketing strategy:

  • 83% people rely on the recommendation from family and friends
  • According to 66% of consumers, they trust the opinions other people publish on their social media profiles
  • Influencer marketing is one of the fastest growing marketing strategies with cost-effectiveness
  • 92% of consumers like to get referrals from people they know before going to any other source
  • Businesses can earn up to $6.5 for every dollar they invest in influential marketing

Top Trends of Influential Marketing in 2019:

With so many techniques being used in influencer marketing, it would be interesting to see how it evolves in 2019. Let’s check out some top trends:

  1. Use of Authentic Content:

People have become smart. Now, traditional ads and stock images are not going to help you with your audience.

Therefore, like 2018, the demand for authentic content will increase in 2019. Influencers on social media will continue to bring an authentic flavor to their content, so you can captivate their audience easily.

People follow influencers because they are willing to have an honest insight into products. If you want to run a successful marketing campaign in 2019, you need to focus on the authenticity of the content. Remember, transparency goes a long way.

HYLETE – an apparel brand –  collaborate only with authentic influencers to engage a community and share on-brand content with them, and they now have been successfully doing it for a while.

  1. The Rise of Influencers:

As social networks are growing, the generation that has been using them is reaching purchasing maturity. Now, why it is important for influencer marketing?

Well, it simply means that there are more people on social media who are creating their own unique content, and there are more people who make purchasing decisions on their own. This is a shift that you should shy away from.

Now, with the amplification of social media, you see many influencers of varying degree. It also means that you can find an influencer with an audience that is more specific to what your brand needs.

Now, hashtags have become an over-populated area for engagement, you can seek content and influence in location tags and mentions. It will allow you to get the on-brand engagement that too with high-quality.

  1. UGC – Remains Important:

UGC or User Generated Content performs exceptionally well on almost all platforms of social media, and many brands use influencer content across all marketing channels.

You can use this strategy in 2019, and you can use influencers’ content across product-displaying pages, advertising campaigns, emails, etc.

Using this strategy, you can maintain a consistent and authentic appearance of your brand across all channels. This will allow your users to receive a tailored yet familiar experience for every channel they are using.

  1. Influencer-Brand Relationship:

When it comes to influencer marketing, you should look for partners that have on-brand content with consistency – which is a common practice of big brands. Therefore, the influencer-brand relationship would move towards a more strategic partnership than typical transactional interactions.

Influencers gain credibility with their audience. The mature audience helps influencers collaborate with smart brands who know how to manage a community of loyal followers.

  1. Instagram – Remain the Key Influencer Marketing Channel:

With every passing year, more and more people are using Instagram. In 2018, the number of monthly active users reached one billion, and it will only continue to grow in 2019.

The modus operandi of Instagram makes it the leading platform for brand-influencer collaborations. If you use this platform smartly for promoting your brand, you can have a good ROI in a short span of time.

In fact, many brands like Morphe Brushes are already enjoying the returns from their huge following on Instagram which is more than 7.5 million.

One reason that makes Instagram an effective platform for influencer marketing is its highly engaged community with rich visual content. In 2019, if you are able to utilize this content to amplify your voice, success would only be a few steps away from you.

  1. Increased Competition:

This is not only the number of influencers that will be increasing in 2019, but more and more brands are also seeing value in investing in this form of marketing.

In order to promote brands and engage customers, you – marketers and brands – need to work on community-driven marketing strategies to convey the authentic brands’ stories to the target audience.

It will, no doubt, increase the competition between the brands. In this case, you need to consider increasing your influencer marketing budget for 2019.

Many brands are now focusing on harnessing the mind-share of already engaged happy customers who are active on social media.

  1. Micro-Influencers and Mega-Influencers:

Usually, brands like to target influencers with 100,000 or more followers. But this is only one side of the picture of influencer marketing.

Social media is another – a little more sophisticated – form of word of mouth marketing. Instead of such conversations that happen in private, social media has brought it to the spotlight and convert it from one-to-one to ­one-to-many recommendations.

In fact, these nano or micro-influencers are nothing new, but it’s an advanced type of word of mouth.

In 2019, you cannot only use macro-influencers with large followings, but micro-influencers can also help you by bringing in business for you.

Influencer marking is not only an effective marketing strategy, but it is cost-effective as well – especially when compared to other digital marketing techniques. It can take your business from nowhere to the sky-high in a matter of a few days.

Therefore, do your research before engaging an influencer, and play smart.

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